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Robert Kernodle

Robert G Kernodle

Greensboro, NC


"My atoms were born in the deceptively full hollows of intergalactic emptiness. My anatomy arose from the turbulent patterns of wild fluid fires, in a cosmic cataclysm that fixed life's genesis on the shores of terrestrial fluid waters. All human bodies arose from these waters that eventually stood up on legs to marvel at the night sky from which they originally came, first as stardust, then as rain, then as liquid bubbles, then as genetic chains, ultimately self-organizing into cellular clusters and complex brains. The whole of human existence is immeasurable, both in time and in space, because each of reality's seemingly separate bodies is perpetually malleable, never absolutely fixed, and continuously connected to every other body. The individual person or artist, thus, is a momentary manifestation of an infinite, eternal being." -- Robert G. Kernodle


Vision Logic No. 2 by Robert Kernodle


Vision Logic by Robert Kernodle


Splatter Galaxy by Robert Kernodle


Spacecraft Fantasy by Robert Kernodle


Songs Of An Infinite Sky by Robert Kernodle


Somewhere Tomorrow by Robert Kernodle


Sea Station Alpha by Robert Kernodle


Red October by Robert Kernodle


Orchid Of Eternity by Robert Kernodle


Not Of This Universe by Robert Kernodle


Geometrica by Robert Kernodle


Cosmic Cuckoo Clock by Robert Kernodle


Cataclysmic Symphony by Robert Kernodle


Bubbleicious by Robert Kernodle


Birth Of Universe by Robert Kernodle


Aura by Robert Kernodle


Infinite Imagination The Thinker by Robert G Kernodle


Alien DNA by Robert Kernodle


ALIEN SYMPHONY Musical Score From Another Planet by Robert Kernodle


Incoming Message by Robert G Kernodle


Alethia by Robert G Kernodle


Atlantis by Robert G Kernodle


Music Of Ojas by Robert G Kernodle


Airship Under A Smiling Moon by Robert G Kernodle


FLUIDISM Aspect 35 PHOTOGRAPHY by Robert Kernodle


FLUIDISM Aspect 601 PHOTOGRAPHY by Robert Kernodle


FLUIDISM Aspect 561 PHOTOGRAPHY by Robert Kernodle


FLUIDISM Aspect 283 PHOTOGRAPHY by Robert Kernodle


FLUIDISM Aspect 163 PHOTOGRAPHY by Robert Kernodle


FLUIDISM Aspect 92 PHOTOGRAPHY by Robert Kernodle


Card Merry Christmas by Robert G Kernodle


The Noble Hunter by Robert Kernodle


RK In Modern Interior Design by Robert G Kernodle


Trophy Of The Hunt by Robert G Kernodle


Positive Art by Robert G Kernodle


Trophy Hunting Fun by Robert G Kernodle


Log Spiral Orchid by Robert G Kernodle


Christian Cross No 1 by Robert G Kernodle


Holloween Alien Skeleton by Robert G Kernodle


Card First Thanksgiving by Robert G Kernodle


Santa 1895 Colorized by Robert G Kernodle


Ouroboros Incandescdent by Robert G Kernodle


Beach Water Splash by Robert G Kernodle


Beach Chi Bonsai by Robert G Kernodle


Fabric Of Reality by Robert G Kernodle


Sun Face Stylized by Robert G Kernodle


Om Vibration Ocean by Robert G Kernodle


Om Mani Padme Hum by Robert G Kernodle