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Your Life Is Your Signature

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Signing your name on a piece of paper is a symbolic act of representing your most basic sense of identity. This act of signing is an act of commitment. A signature says, “I own it”, “I take responsibility for it”, “I claim it”, “I have a deep connection to it”, or “I take pride in it.”

A signature is both a profound thing and, unfortunately, a fragmented concept.

Defining a signature as the mere flourish of a writing tool is what makes it a fragmented concept.

How is it that the action of such a small assemblage of muscles in the human extremities can come to symbolize the seriousness of a whole person’s identity? How is it that ALL a person’s actions are not regarded as the person’s “signature”?

The way you live your ENTIRE life is your signature. Everything that you touch vibrates with some measure of your life energy. Your signature is embedded in every single action, therefore, whether you see it in a static visible mark or not.

Every action that you do in the world says, “I did this.” Consequently, every action of yours is how people identify you. You cannot say one thing, do another, and expect people to believe that you are an entity that you represent in a language form. A mere verbal representation, then, is a fantasy, if it lacks a physical foundation in your actions.

A written signature means little, if people cannot connect it to a consistent pattern of behavior that is respectable. Similarly, a mere physical presence, no matter how well dressed, means little, if people cannot connect it to a pattern of behavior that is respectable.

This is what I do not understand about a number of people that I have dealt with in the past.

How can you go through life, slopping around, making excuses?, ... waiting for the perfect situation before trying to perform your best?, … the perfect salary?, … the perfect relationship?, … the perfect town to live in? … .

When do you ever PRACTICE being your best, so that when the most agreeable circumstances come along, you would even be fit enough to EXECUTE the actions of being your best?

Some people seem to think that there is a magic moment, when they can willingly turn everything around, when never before this magic moment have they ever PRACTICED the sorts of behaviors that can make such a magic moment magical. That is like saying, “When I get a chance to run the big race, I will run it the very best I can”, never having trained muscles and joints to run at the intensity level of big races.

In short, opportunities can arise, and you are NOT in shape to take advantage of them, because you only thought you had to try your best, when you were rewarded for your best. But if you have never DONE your best, then where is the FOUNDATION for getting rewarded for it now? It has NEVER existed in your actions before. It has never been a part of your life signature. People do not know you this way. You, thus, are flirting with an irrational fantasy.

Your life that you live everyday IS your signature. THIS is how people know you and come to respond to you.