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Black Lives Or Black Lies Matter

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Some people are doing a great disservice to the world by aggressively pushing a completely false claim that black men in America are being systematically targeted by trigger-happy, white, racist law enforcement officers.

Nothing could be farther from reality.

Consequently, the current wave of outrage over recent, highly-publicized, lethal police shootings of black men is NOT justified. This is misdirected outrage, and it is outrage grossly amplified by lies, engineered to mislead uninformed people in irrational behavior that gives them a sense of satisfaction in a fight for justice. Meanwhile the real source of outrage remains obscured and denied in a confusion of emotional turmoil that has blinded individuals to the truth. The destructive result of all this is a demonic transformation of independently-thinking human beings into thoughtless cells of an angry mob whose mass mind is now corrupted.

The "Black Lives Matter" movement is a racist movement, no less disturbing than some of history's worst racist movements. Its extremely narrow focus on race, in association with lethal shootings, has created a destructive mythology of hate. People who fall for this destructive mythology are themselves victims of a crime -- a crime against humanity itself.

If race is the main focus, and if there IS a reasonable foundation for outrage within this narrow focus, then the reason for outrage is this:

FROM: US Department Of Justice Data

* The number of blacks in 100,000 blacks who are victims of homicide is six times greater than the number of whites in 100,000 whites who are victims of homicide. This means that a black is six times more likely to kill a black than a white is to kill a white.

* The number of blacks in 100,00 blacks who commit homicide is seven times greater than the number of whites in 100,000 whites who commit homicide. This means that a black is seven times more likely to kill than a white.

FROM: the article ... Statistics Trump Slogans On Police Killings Of Black Men ... by ... Deroy Murdock (a black man)

* Between 2009 and 2012, for every black man criminal or innocent who was killed by a cop, 40 black men were murdered by other black men. This means that 97% of black men killed are murdered by other black men.

Why is it, then, that lies about black lives seem to matter more than facts about ALL lives?

Part of the answer is that some people will benefit from these lies. Politicians looking to be elected will play into these lies to gain votes. Organizations looking for funding will play into these lies to receive money. People who want meaning in their lives will derive such meaning in a swift dose of thrilling emotions, using these lies. Another part of the answer is that people of any race can become victims of scams. As a result, people of all colors who trust the "Black Lives Matter" movement are being scammed, either by their own wills or by hidden agendas of others.

Now why should I, as an artist, care about any of this? The answer is fairly basic: Art and artists do NOT exist in a vacuum isolated from the rest of culture. My art might hang on a wall, but it also "hangs" within an entire civilization, and I care about bad influences in this civilization where my art "hangs", similar to how I care about bad influences in a room where my art hangs. When a particularly bad influence presents itself, I have to speak up, because it affects the entire setting, in this case, the entire setting of human relationships that enables the positive flow of creative energy.

I have, so far, used a conservative tone in talking about this disturbing trend. Below are a couple of presentations of a LESS conservative tone that might be more fitting:

WARNING -- Graphic Language & Total Honesty that might be unsuitable for viewing by people afraid of the truth


WARNING -- Really, REALLY Graphic Language & Total TOTAL, BRUTAL Honesty that will surely offend the sensibilities of those with milder dispositions